As I am the most indecisive person ever, I give to you my favorite albums of 2021 in no order what so ever:

Nolan Potter Music is Dead

Helado Negro Far In

Dry CleaningNew Long Leg

Yasmin WilliamsUrban Driftwood

Nation of LanguageA Way Forward

Dummy Mandatory Equipment

Black Marble Fast Idol

Spirit of the BeehiveEntertainment, Death

Perilymph Tout en Haut

Squid Bright Green Field

Richard Dawson & Circle Henki

Black Country, New Road For the First Time

Possum Lunar Gardens

Floatie Voyage Out

Hoover IIIWater for the Frogs

L’eclair Confusions

Mild High ClubGoing Going Gone

WEEED Do You Fall?

Spirits Having Fun Two

Central Heat Exchange Central Heat Exchange