I usually pick a song to talk about on here, but I was having trouble picking just one song from Recurring Dream, new Jeff Tobias album, so I decided to just pick the whole thing! You may know Jeff from his work with Sunwatchers, Modern Nature and a host of other bands, but this is his first time making a solo LP and let me tell you it is a great start. I have been playing the album nonstop the last few days and I keep finding new things I love about it. The use of synths and sax really fit together so well and I have really been enjoying the vocals and lyrics – they seem perfect for a time like today, It is just an intriguing listen that I suggest every one partake in when they have a chance.

A few of the stand out tracks would be: Our Very Recent Past, We’re Here to Help, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror & Holiday Music Pt. 1 + 2

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